Rolls-Royce Hyperloop Interior Concept
Rolls Royce Frozen Lakes Interior Sketch
Rolls Royce Singapore Orchid Interior Sketch
Rolls-Royce Hyperloop Interior Concept
Squad Quest
Squad Quest
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I am a French designer working within the Bespoke Design Department of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars in Goodwood (UK). I completed a Master in industrial design at Strate, School of Design in Paris and had international professional experiences at Renault Design in France and Bombardier Business Aircraft in Canada. In the last few years I mainly worked on conceptual and production car design, on business jets interior design, and on a large variety of personal projects always with a pronounced attention for details.

My design work is fully supported by my love for storytelling, photography, 3D modeling, architecture, drawing, science, music making and calligraphy.

I am always open to collaborate with passionate creative people and I strongly believe in the benefits of teamwork. I am constantly willing to learn, experiment, improve processes, challenge ideas, ask questions and share my passion with others.

Feel free to get in touch at