Rolls-Royce Hyperloop Interior Concept
Rolls-Royce Hyperloop Interior Concept
Squad Quest
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I am a french designer working within the Bespoke Design department of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars in Goodwood (UK). I studied industrial design at Strate, School of Design in Paris (FR) for 5 years and I had internship experiences at Renault (FR) and Bombardier Business Aircraft (CA). In the last few years I mainly worked on car interiors (for concepts and production), on business jets interiors, and on various personal projects always with passion and with a strong attention for details.

My design work is fully supported by my love for science, sketching, painting, 3D modeling, calligraphy, cinema, videogames and new technologies.

I really want to collaborate with passionate creative people, as I strongly believe in the benefits of team work. I am always willing to learn new things from others, to try different methods, to ask questions and to share inspiration.

Feel free to get in touch at